Introducing Program Immune Boosting

Due to the current season and the ongoing flu symptoms, it is recommended to boost your immunity. I made this program as an promotional course based on the current knowledge.

Topics that are covered are:

-Habits to improve immunity

-Herbs to improve immunity

-Supplements to improve immunity

The course is visually engaging and available to smartphone/iphone.

If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to contact me, and I will get back to you soon.


I live in Vancouver. I give different types of therapy to support and improve overall health, wellness, lifestyle and beauty. My therapies are combined with an eastern and western background and holistic, meaning: balancing the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual parts of a person. I have a background in Psychology (MSc), Health, Wellness, Beauty and Alternative Therapy. 

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Call me at:  (778) 767-2709 (due to the current circumstances only reachable by email) 

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I only work on Appointment. Flexible Hours available, mon-sun 11am-7pm. 

Kitsilano, Online or Mobile Services within Vancouver

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