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For a clean and smooth result!

Waxing is nowadays suitable for men and women. You can plan a specific part or a full body wax if you like a smooth and clean look. 


Bikini Line $20.00

French $30.00

Female Brazilian $50.00

Female Brazilian Shaping $65.00

Male Boyzilian/Manzilian $65.00

Male Boyzilian/Manzilian Shaping $75.00


Eyebrows $15.00

Upper Lip $10.00
Cheeks $ $10.00

Chin $10.00

Chin & Upper Lip $18.00
Whole Face $40.00


Full Legs $60.00 F, $75.00 M

Lower Legs $45.00

Upper Legs $30.00

Full Arms $45.00 F, $ 55.00 M
Under Arms $35.00

½ Arms $25.00

Armpits $40.00

Belly $35.00 F, $45.00 M​

Decollete $30.00

Chest $50.00

Back $55.00

Toes $7.00

Hands $7.00


Male $500

Female $450


(vagina care)

Female Brazilian can also be booked with a Regular Vajacial existing out off: cleansing, exfoliate, ingrown hair removal and moisturizer. - $45.00


(waxing, and shaving with trimming)

You can choose out of different shapes: stripe, triangle, heart, star and some other shapes. - $65.00





Boyzilian & Shaping


Especially hot is the Vajazzle, decorating your Vagina after a Brazilian. 

(Add On after Waxing)

-Henna: from $55.00

-Glitter: from $55.00

-Rhinestones: from $55.00

The Henna I used so far stays in the orange colors, and can get a bit darker, but so far not that much darker. 

Henna Glitter Play Guitar
Henna Guitare After 5 Days
Scorpio Sign
Scorpio Sign After 5 Days
Futuristic Glitter Cat


(trimming and shaving)

If you don't want to wax your intimate area, but you still want to have a less bushy result, there is the option to do shaving and trimming. Also if you don't want to remove all the hair, just parts, this can be an option. - $75.00

Waxing Aftercare

-After waxing you cannot do sunbathing or swimming or hot showers or intercourse for 24 hours. 
-After 2 days you can start scrubbing the area to prevent ingrown hairs and use moisturizing cream. Keep doing this weekly or twice a week. 

Contact Me:

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Call me at:  (778) 767-2709 (due to the current circumstances only reachable by email) 

Email me at: shehnaaz.era@gmail.com


Monday-Saturday: 11am - 6pm 

Mobile Services: Monday -Sunday: flexible: call or email


I only work on appointment.

Payment: Cash, Credit Card or Upfront E-transfer or Paypal

Kerrisdale, Vancouver BC  

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Boyzilian Front

This person did waxing for the first time. As you can see there can be redness and sometimes outbreaks. You have to take care after you wax, and regularly scrub afterwards. Take care that beforehand the hairs are between 6 and 10 mm long, as that is less painful.