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For a clean and smooth result!

Waxing is nowadays suitable for men and women. You can plan a specific part or a full body wax if you like a smooth and clean look. 


Bikini Line $20.00

French $30.00

Female Brazilian $50.00

Female Brazilian Shaping $65.00

Male Boyzilian/Manzilian $80.00

Male Boyzilian/Manzilian Shaping $80.00


Eyebrows $15.00

Upper Lip $10.00
Cheeks $ $10.00

Chin $10.00

Chin & Upper Lip $18.00
Whole Face $40.00


Full Legs $60.00 F, $75.00 M

Lower Legs $45.00

Upper Legs $30.00

Full Arms $45.00 F, $ 55.00 M
Under Arms $35.00

½ Arms $25.00

Armpits $40.00

Belly $35.00 F, $45.00 M​

Decollete $30.00

Chest $50.00

Back $55.00

Toes $7.00

Hands $7.00


Male $500

Female $450


(vagina care)

Female Brazilian can also be booked with a Regular Vajacial existing out off: cleansing, exfoliate, ingrown hair removal and moisturizer. - $45.00


(waxing, and shaving with trimming)

You can choose out of different shapes: stripe, triangle, heart, star and some other shapes. - $65.00






(Add On after Waxing)

-Henna: from $55.00

-Glitter: from $55.00

-Rhinestones: from $55.00

The Henna I used so far stays in the orange colors, and can get a bit darker, but so far not that much darker. 

Henna Glitter Play Guitar
Henna Guitare After 5 Days
Scorpio Sign
Scorpio Sign After 5 Days
Futuristic Glitter Cat


It can be fun to do a Vajazzle, decorating your Vagina after a Brazilian. However, keep in mind that natural look is still the most appealing to men in general. For women it is fun to decorate, but men like a natural look or a well maintained vagina, even if it has hair on it. Also to prevent irritation it is good to stay on the natural side. 

Waxing Aftercare

-After waxing you cannot do sunbathing or swimming or hot showers or intercourse for 24 hours. 
-After 2 days you can start scrubbing the area to prevent ingrown hairs and use moisturizing cream. Keep doing this weekly or twice a week. 

Professional Opinion on Pubes as an Aesthetician and Holistic Therapist

For women

After my research I found that some women like to keep things totally natural while others like to keep things totally gone. I found it depends on which purpose you want to reach. 

It is hygienic to wax at least the under part, the labia, especially during the menses cycle. Aesthetically I felt that for a curvier or heavier/rounder woman a natural or wider triangle looks better (martini, bikini line), while for a thinner/lean woman a stripe looks better (stripe, Brazilian), and for a younger woman it looks also good (but NOT necessary!) to go fully nude.


With dry shaving I found the hair grows thicker and it can get itchy and irritated too afterwards. Wet shaving might feel fine for some, but the hair grows really fast back. Waxing by yourself is super painful and not always doable, especially beneath and seeing the pulling direction of the wax strip. 

A vajacial can be used to cleanse the vagina after different treatments, as maintenance, and some of the care routines you can do yourself. There are also moist cleansing wipes available, and cleansing with water is still a habit that is used widely in the middle east and eastern culture. If you wipe, you wipe from front to back always to prevent infections. 

I found that men also like some hair on the vagina, and not all men like bare vagina's only. There is even a trend about hairy vagina's especially for mature and older women, because it looks more natural and a bit more female powerful. Looking at the bodily posture of a woman, a natural lean woman can go both directions, as long as it is healthy and well maintained (meaning no hair on the legs, so a bikini wax is the bare minimum). 

For Men

For men there are different needs addressed. Some guys like full nude, especially if they show of their body, and in the western society, like America and Canada it is more popular. Also in the Pride (LBGTQ+ direction) it is popular to go totally full nude. In a lot of countries this is not done at all for men. 

What I found is that if men are interested, they usually shave or trim themselves. 

The best natural look is literally natural or shaven from the bottom but hairy on the top or hairy trimmed on the top and totally nude on the bottom. In some cases it can look nice if someone is totally nude, but this has to fit the body type and shape of the person, being a bodybuilder or well toned body. 

Keep in mind that men's waxing can irritate the skin more than for women, and shaving is still more popular, and the whole routine is not necessary for men, because women do it for a different hygienic reason, besides aesthetics. Also, for most women they like a guy natural, unless it is really overgrown hair, but in a lot of cultures and traditions the male waxing is not always done, unless you have the body type for it and you work in a certain field where you show yourself off. 

It can be however an interesting experience to at least try it once, like anything or different kinds of methods of waxing, and hair removal treatments. 




(trimming and shaving)

If you don't want to wax your intimate area, but you still want to have a less bushy result, there is the option to do shaving and trimming. Also if you don't want to remove all the hair, just parts, this can be an option. - $75.00