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For a clean and smooth result!

Waxing is nowadays suitable for men and women. You can plan a specific part or a full body wax if you like a smooth and clean look. 


Bikini Line $20.00

French $30.00

Female Brazilian $50.00

Female Brazilian Shaping $65.00

Male Boyzilian/Manzilian $65.00

Male Boyzilian/Manzilian Shaping $75.00


Eyebrows $15.00

Upper Lip $10.00
Cheeks $ $10.00

Chin $10.00

Chin & Upper Lip $18.00
Whole Face $40.00


Full Legs $60.00 F, $75.00 M

Lower Legs $45.00

Upper Legs $30.00

Full Arms $45.00 F, $ 55.00 M
Under Arms $35.00

½ Arms $25.00

Armpits $40.00

Belly $35.00 F, $45.00 M​

Decollete $30.00

Chest $50.00

Back $55.00

Toes $7.00

Hands $7.00


Male $500

Female $450


(vagina care)

Female Brazilian can also be booked with a Regular Vajacial existing out off: cleansing, exfoliate, ingrown hair removal and moisturizer. - $45.00


(waxing, and shaving with trimming)

You can choose out of different shapes: stripe, triangle, heart, star and some other shapes. - $65.00





Boyzilian & Shaping


Especially hot is the Vajazzle, decorating your Vagina after a Brazilian. 

(Add On after Waxing)

-Henna: from $55.00

-Glitter: from $55.00

-Rhinestones: from $55.00

The Henna I used so far stays in the orange colors, and can get a bit darker, but so far not that much darker. 

Henna Glitter Play Guitar
Henna Guitare After 5 Days
Scorpio Sign
Scorpio Sign After 5 Days
Futuristic Glitter Cat


(trimming and shaving)

If you don't want to wax your intimate area, but you still want to have a less bushy result, there is the option to do shaving and trimming. Also if you don't want to remove all the hair, just parts, this can be an option. - $75.00

Waxing Aftercare

-After waxing you cannot do sunbathing or swimming or hot showers or intercourse for 24 hours. 
-After 2 days you can start scrubbing the area to prevent ingrown hairs and use moisturizing cream. Keep doing this weekly or twice a week. 

Contact Me:

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Call me at:  (778) 767-2709 (due to the current circumstances only reachable by email) 

Email me at: shehnaaz.era@gmail.com


Monday-Sunday: 11am - 9pm, flexible. 

Mobile Services: Monday -Sunday: flexible: call or email: Vancouver and around the area

I only work on appointment.

Payment: Cash, Credit Card or Upfront E-transfer or Paypal

Kitsilano, Vancouver BC  

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