Fancy Night Event

All Awesome Parties and Activities!

With amazing ideas and flexible arrangements we can plan a great event with happy guests!

I can help with small to medium events, or events where you need a freelancer for:


- Aesthetic Services or Parties

- Bodywork Services at Parties

- Glitter Tattoo's at Parties

- Henna Tattoo's at Parties

- Hosting for Education about Sex Toys and related Themes

- Hosting for Sensual Dance or Performing

- Hosting for Pregnancy & Doula Services

- Hosting for Spiritual Events

- Hosting for Astrology Events

- Hosting for Events for Women

- Other Creative or Inspiring Ideas that You might have!

- Available 24/7

Contact through email for quote, depending on size and equipment needed. 

Spirituality and Connecting
Spirituality and Connecting

Sensual Dance
Sensual Dance

Women's Events
Women's Events

Spirituality and Connecting
Spirituality and Connecting


You will have to book at least two weeks in advance and a deposit of 25% is needed. Cancellation can happen with return of deposit at least 3 days before the event.