Bussinessman in Modern Office

Relaxing during the Short Breaks

Corporate Massages for stress relief during and after work hours. 

Pressure Point Massage
15 min - $55
30 min - $70

This is a massage with pressure points on different parts of the body, especially focused to release tension. This technique is used with clothes on and can be done all over the body at specific points. This is a light therapeutic treatment and custom made on specific body area's that need extra attention. 

Full Back Side Body Massage
60 min - $110

This massage is suitable if you don’t want to turn around during the massage, but still want to experience a full body massage. It is suitable for people that cannot or don’t want to lie on the back.

Neck, Shoulder & Back Massage
45 min - $85 

Feet or Hand Massage
30 min - $75

To focus on the feet or hands especially this massage is a relaxing massage, for now not yet meant as a reflexology treatment for different problems. It is only for relaxing purposes.

Indian Head Massage
30 min - $65

It is recommended to not wear your hair styled or in a tight knot, because this massage covers the head scalp, the face, the neck, shoulders.

Holistic Counselling &
Stress Cooping
30 min - $85
60 min - $145
Add on with Massage

"Those long days behind the computer, long meetings or elaborate projects can take a toll on your physical balance and health. Be sure to take care of your own physical and mental well being. Everyone knows how to take care of themselves, just the business, office and corporate life can be sometimes physically draining. 

I offer services for quick balancing:

- Office Massages without Oil
- Office Massages with Oil

- On Office Chair or Massage Mat
- I can take care of Music, Aroma's and Quick Balancing and Relaxing
- If needed, I also offer Stress Cooping and Holistic Counselling

* Manageable during Lunch Break 
* Regular Sessions Possible to Plan

Corporate Massages are on location, at your office or at your building. I give regular massages on an office chair, and if the facility is there I can do oil massages. For most clients it is easier however to do pressure point massages and back, shoulder, neck massages."

Focusing relaxing massage on the back, neck and shoulders.

If you need to re-balance or relax, if you have a difficult time at work or if you need to talk to someone outside your direct network or professional connections, I can be an objective source of comfort, making you feel grounded, centered, relaxed and being able to handle the stressful work  life.