Massage Salts

Essential Full Body Care!

With wellness treatments that give your body the extra care and maintenance that it needs!

Back Facial - $75 - 60 min

For people that have some uneven skin on the back or people that want to take special care to their back, a back facial is a good way to maintain it. The back facial exists out of cleansing, exfoliating, extractions, masque and moisturizing. 

Body Scrub $85 - 60 min

The Body Scrub is done with Sea Salt or Sugar Scrub for the Sensitive and Aging skin, and a combination of essential oil and carrier oil. This blend is nurturing for the skin and exfoliates gently the dead skin cells off, so your skin feels naturally soft and smooth. 

Back Massage

Compliment your treatment with a Massage!

You can now also complement your body treatment with a back, shoulder and neck massage, as an add on it will be $60 for 30 min extra.